Phallosan Forte Review – Can You Really Gain Inches Using This Device?

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Phallosan forte

Nowadays, we have seen increasing popularity in penis size extenders. If you have tried one before and was discouraged because of the discomfort, you may consider trying again, this time with Phallosan Forte.

Phallosan Forte is a vacuum-based penis size extender device developed by Texana Manufacturing Ltd, a company based in Malta. This product was engineered based on an age-old principle and it is designed to deal with dozens of anatomical issues affecting the penis. 

If you are not satisfied with the size of your penis, Phallosan Forte can help. It can increase your penis length as well as the girth size. Additionally, because of its benefits, it may also aid people with erectile dysfunction, incurvate penis, retraction penis, and Peyronie’s disease. 

This review will help you learn more about Phallosan Forte and understand how it works. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether this product is for you or not.

The Science Behind Phallosan Forte – How Does It Work?

Penis extenders follow the principle of cell formation by stretching. In simple terms, a penis extender stretches the penis to encourage new cell formation. Science has it that when you continuously and consistently stretch a tissue, it automatically stimulates the body to replicate new cells. This same mechanism is now widely used in modern medicine.

Just like other penis extenders, the Phallosan Forte also works by stretching the penis. In particular, it uses negative pressure and traction. With consistent daily use, it can eliminate deformations and curvatures in the penis as well as increase its size. And the results are permanent. This means that you don’t have to use this device forever. Once you attain your desired size, you can already stop using it.

How To Use Phallosan Forte

When you buy Phallosan Forte kit, it comes with a DVD that will show you how to use the device. Knowing the different components that come with the package can help you easily follow the instructions:

Suction Ball

This is the manual pump that allows you to increase or decrease the pressure at will. It uses a three-way valve that simplifies pressure adjustments while you are using the device.

Suction Bell

The suction bell is for better customization since there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all penis enlargement system. Suction bells are available in small, medium or large sizes depending on the size of your glans (a.k.a. balls). This ergonomic part gives your balls room to expand. 

Sleeve Condom

The sleeve condom is made from medical-grade and hypoallergenic silicone. Its main function is to protect the device while providing your penis with a smooth surface to rest on. The condom is also available in different thickness and sizes.

Protector Cap

The protector clip shields your delicate glans just in case the vacuum pressure gets too strong. It is super stretchy, allowing you to make quick adjustments to your settings.

Tension Clip

This component is responsible for transferring the power of the stretching belt to the suction bell. It uses an efficient system to show how much tension there is and lets you make adjustments if needed.

This is a quick overview of the steps on how you should use Phallosan Forte:

  1. Measure your penis to know which bell size to use.
  2. Once you have decided the bell size to use, you can now start assembling your kit. You can start by attaching the silicone sleeve to the bell by pushing it over into place.
  3. Attach the pump to the end of the bell then secure the drawbar to the bell, making sure it is pointed straight.
  4. Take the silicone protector cap then place it over the penis balls and foreskin. Make sure it fits snugly.
  5. Roll the silicone sleep in the direction of the bell. After that, put your penis head inside the bell.
  6. Roll the silicone sleeve back over the penis shaft. 
  7. Start pumping by turning the green valve to the pump icon. Pumping will draw your penis further to the bell while the silicone will mold itself to the shaft of your penis.
  8. If the pressure suits you, you can now set the green valve to the lock icon to keep the vacuum pressure as it is. 
  9. To secure the device to your body so that you can go out and about, you need to use the belt and place the foam ring on top of the penis extender so that it presses against your body. Wrap the strap around your hips and then connect the end of it to the tip of the device. Tighten the strap as needed so that the device will securely rest against your body.

Phallosan Forte Results

The results or improvement that you’ll get from using this product may vary from that of another person. However, the manufacturer recommends that for best results, use the device for at least 1,000 hours. It may look like a lot of hours but if you do the math, like if you will use the device for 6 hours a day, 1,000 hours will just be a month and a half of use.

On a positive note, there are customers who experience attaining their target size in as fast as 600 hours of use.

The effectiveness of Phallosan Forte is backed by a clinical study conducted by Dr. Sohn And Dr Hanikel in 2005 (as published on the manufacturer’s official website). In the study, all test patients were asked to wear the device for 5 to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. The average increase of penis length at non erect stage is at 3.6 cm (1.41 inches) while the average increase at erect stage is 2.9 cm (1.14 inches). On the other hand, the highest result after 6 months of use (wearing time: 9 hours 6 days a week) measures 4.9 cm (1.9 inches) and 4.0 cm (1.47 inches) for non erect and erect stages, respectively. 

The results of Phallosan Forte are all permanent.

Does Phallosan Forte Cause Any Side Effects?

All the components of the Phallosan Forte kit are made from skin-friendly materials that were tested for skin compatibility. It is rare to hear customers who suffered from side effects by using the product.

Moreover, using Phallosan Forte will not cause injury or harmful effects to health as long as you follow the instructions on the label. If you are just starting to use the product, it may hurt a little but this is just normal. As you get used to it, you will no longer feel any pain or discomfort. 

Just in case you were not able to completely follow the instructions and you notice swelling or small blisters, discontinue using the device and seek medical advice.


  • Easy to use
  • Results are backed by a clinical study
  • Made from medical-grade materials that are hypoallergenic and skin-safe
  • It stays secure regardless of movement
  • With ergonomic design for extra comfort
  • Results in as early as 600 hours of use


  • Requires consistent usage until you achieve the desired result
  • Not waterproof

Where To Buy Phallosan Forte?

If you want to buy this product, get it from the official website to ensure that you are getting the real thing. You may be able to find this in some ecommerce stores but be careful with fake products.  

Packages and Prices

The entire set of Phallosan Forte costs 339.00 USD (+shipping). The package content includes:

  • Elastic belt 
  • L size suction bell with L-sleeve condom 
  • M size suction bell with M-sleeve condom plus assembled tension clip 
  • S size suction bell with S-sleeve condom 
  • 2 protector caps 
  • Tension clip 
  • A suction ball with 3-way valve 
  • Instructions for use 
  • Measuring template 
  • Travel bag

Should You Buy Phallosan Forte?

The question should be — Do you want to increase the size of your penis fast? If yes, you shouldn’t doubt what Phallosan Forte can do for you. It is a safe and painless way of increasing your penis. And based on its thousands of users, it does not have any known harmful effects on the body.

If the price is a dealbreaker for you, it’s true that it is expensive. But if you think about it, male enhancement supplements are even more expensive and you are not even sure of the results. With supplements, you have to continue taking your dosage to enjoy the benefits. For Phallosan Forte, it is a one-time investment and the results are also permanent. If a larger penis will make you and your partner happy, this product is worth buying.