Mind Lab Pro Review – Is This REALLY The #1 Nootropic Stack On The Market?

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There is no disputing that our minds are complex objects. The way they work isn’t simple or straight forward, but is based on a series of brain pathways working together (in synergy) to keep you functioning.

That is why, if you want to effectively support your brain, you need a supplement that is as equally complex in its entirety.

That is where Mind Lab Pro comes in…

You see, unlike many Nootropic supplements that focus solely on supporting your memory and focus (by assisting 2-3 brain pathways); Mind Lab Pro goes a step further by assisting an impressive 6 – yes 6 – brain pathways.

By doing so, they are able to give your brain AND your body the tools they need to remain healthy and rejuvenated. In essence, this simple pill can improve your whole-life mental performance.

Yet we don’t just expect you to take our word for it. You want proof. That is why we have delved into the inner workings of this popular Nootropic, so you can discover all the pros, cons and mechanics of Mind Lab Pro.

What Is Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro LogoVoted the ‘Best Nootropic Supplement on the market in 2019’; the most notable thing about Mind Lab Pro is its ability to support the brain health of EVERY SINGLE person.

Student, professional, competitor, athlete or over 50, this Nootropic has been carefully crafted to assist everyone, no matter their age, gender and needs. And in doing so, can optimize your cognitive functions and boost your brainpower by 100%!

Mind Lab Pro can help you to: study, focus, learn, store and recall information, as well as give you the motivation, the willpower and the drive to keep striving forward.

Similarly, it can keep you clear headed, and can enhance your ability to strategically think, be creative and solve problems on a day-to-day basis.

More importantly, Mind Lab Pro can help support your memory and mental clarity, whilst enhancing your communication skills and mood.

How Does It Work?

Remember how we said that Mind Lab Pro contains a variety of proven brain boosters? Well, each of these 11 well-researched Nootropics are included at optimal dosages to help you unlock your brain power and support numerous brain pathways.

In many ways, Mind Lab Pro is a whole-brain optimizer as it strives to improve your cognitive functions so that you are able to perform better mentally, as well as adapt to differing demands across the day.

One of things we like about this pill is that it avoids all forms of stimulants and additives, and instead aims to provide you with a clean formula that is fully capable of supporting your long term brain health.

And unlike its competitors, Mind Lab Pro seeks to enhance your brain by supporting the following 6 brain pathways (from various angle:

  • Brain Chemistry – Mind Lab Pro harnesses its 11 carefully chosen ingredients to help optimize your memory, processing speed, mood/feelings, attentiveness and motivational levels.
  • Brain Energy – here, this pills seeks to eliminate brain fog and feelings of fatigue by helping to support your mental agility and ability to think on the spot/focus.
  • Brain Regeneration – by ensuring your cells remain healthy and nourished (by repairing, maintaining and feeding them), you can benefit from improved plasticity and growth.
  • Brain Circulation – Mind Lab Pro ensures your brain remains oxygenated and free of toxins in order to increase neuronutrient delivery.
  • Brain Protection – as this pathway suggests, by ridding your body of toxins – and fighting unhealthy structural changes – this can stop your brain from degrading as you get older.
  • Brain Waves – this pill stimulates alpha frequencies to ensure you remain calm, alert and able to productively learn and be creative.

You could say that Mind Lab Pro first aims to fulfill your immediate mental performance needs – by nourishing your brain structure – before providing you with the tools to continue boosting your brain in the long term.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

Mind Lab Pro Supplements Facts PanelWe’ve talked a bit about how Mind Lab Pro has extensively researched its ingredients to ensure all 6 of these brain pathways are fully supported around the clock.

But what are these brain boosters? What sets them apart from the rest? Well, aside from being Nootropics in their own right; together they work seamlessly to rejuvenate your brain and keep you in tip top shape.

Take a look for yourselves:

Citicoline as Cognizin®

This nutrient is dedicated to boosting neural regeneration and brain energy (increases by 13.6%), so you can remain attentive, focused and equipped to recall thoughts/ideas and form new memories.

In fact, it plays a key role in 5 of the 6 pathways Mind Lab Pro is committed to supporting: brain regeneration, brain circulation, brain protection, brain energy and brain chemicals.

By energizing your brain cells and optimizing neural electrical impulses (which power thought); Citicoline can help you to synthesise phosphatidylcholine (PS) which is essential for the regeneration/repair of brain cell membranes (has been found to boost formation by 26%).

It also works to support neurotransmitters whilst providing protection for antioxidant activity.

Other benefits: enhanced mental performance; improved moods, memory, attention, focus and concentration, and healthier brain function (long term).

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

This compound comprises 15% of the brain’s fats (concentrated in your brain cell membranes) and assists with 4 of your brain pathways: brain regeneration, brain protection, brain energy and brain chemicals (by keeping your membranes fluid).

It is also believed to heighten receptors and encourage neurotransmitters (acetylcholine and dopamine), whilst enhancing your energy levels through glucose metabolism.

In addition, it has been linked to increased nerve growth factor (NCF) – which is vital for brain cell creation, maintenance and repair – AND can help immune cells dispose of damaged brain cells.

Other benefits: sharpened memory and mental clarity; reductions in cognitive decline; better moods, and decreased anxiety.

Bacopa Monnieri

This extract contains 24% bacosides (antioxidants), 9 bioactives, and supports 3 of your brain pathways: brain circulation, brain protection and brain chemicals.

The bacosides in Bacopa seek to enhance other brain antioxidants (SOD and GPx) in order to increase brain cell protection from age-accelerating free radicals.

It also helps to promote acetylcholine, GABA and serotonin – in order to offer you clearer memories, better thinking, greater focus and enhanced mood – as well as triggers brain chemical synthesis and increased blood flows (to your brain).

In doing so, you can learn easier and retain information better, as Bacopa will slow down the rate at which you forget new knowledge. It can also assist with mental processing and enable you to deal better with cognitive stress, as you’ll feel more relaxed.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

This interesting mushroom specializes in supporting brain regeneration and brain protection, and contains active nootropics hericenones and erinacines.

According to research it can: stimulate NGF production (which can assist with neural regeneration and myeline nerve sheath synthesis); improve brain plasticity (which is important for storing new memories and skills/lessons), and encourage brain cell replication and healthy brain cell membrane function.

Other benefits: improved mood, memory, regeneration and cognitive brain health.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Beneficial to 4 of your brain pathways (brain protection, brain circulation, brain regeneration and brain energy); Maritime pine bark contains proanthyocyanidin antioxidants that can prevent damage from toxic free radicals in the brain. These antioxidants also encourage the release of nitric oxide which helps to relax your blood vessels; improve circulation/blood flows, and enhance oxygen/glucose delivery.

In addition, it has been linked to multi-pathway brain regeneration and protection against age related cognitive decline.

Other benefits: increased mental energy, improved attention, enhanced learning/ focus (short term), better memory, greater mental clarity and superior brain health.

L-Tyrosine (also known as N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, NALT)

Vital for brain protection and brain chemical pathways; this amino acid compound can help synthesise neurotransmitters involved in memory, mood and mental processing i.e. dopamine and norepinephrine.

NALT has also been known to reduce the impact of brain stress, whilst also helping to optimize mental performance, attention and focus; improve your memory and ability to multi-task, and decrease feelings of stress, fatigue and sleep deprivation.

L-Theanine (also known as Suntheanine)

Known to support your brain waves, brain protection and brain chemical pathways; L-Theanine can help increase alpha brainwaves which are essential for encouraging wakeful relaxation and creativity.

It can help settle ‘excitable’ neurotransmitters, whilst encouraging calming neurotransmitters to be released (serotonin, dopamine and GABA). By doing this, it can improve your attention span, as well as can protect your neurons from damage.

Other benefits: calm, alert, increased focus, improved learning, better problem solving, and decreased feelings of jitteriness.

Rhodiola Rosea

Important for supporting brain energy, brain chemicals and brain protection; Rhodiola is an adaptogen herb that can help improve your mind-body performance – by sustaining/optimizing neurotransmitters – whilst reducing symptoms of age related decline.

It can also strengthen your mental resistance against stress by preventing the release of cortisol, as well as can encourage clear thinking, better memory and learning, improved moods, and a greater work capacity.

Vitamins B6, B9 + B12

Combined to form ‘BioGenesis’, this unique combination of B vitamins is involved 4 different brain pathways (chemicals, circulation, protection and regenerations) and is designed to encourage optimal synthesis, conversion and use of multiple brain chemicals.

In addition, it can help to support your cerebrovascular functions and homocysteine metabolism (by preventing brain degeneration), whilst also working to stabilize mood imbalances, and brain energy metabolism.

Vitamin B12 in particular can help with the formation of myelin sheaths which are designed to protect your nerves.

Other benefits: improved mental performance and information storage; protection from cognitive decline; increased blood flows and mental energy, and elevated production of monoamines.

What Results Can You Expect?

Mind Lab Pro Results

We’ve covered a lot of Mind Lab Pro’s benefits already. But to help paint a better picture, here is a quick overview:

Mind Lab Pro is dedicated to optimizing your cognitive functions/processes by enhancing your brain energy metabolism, hormones and brain cell regeneration.

And this can make all the difference…

Aside from improving your memory, focus, concentration, knowledge retention and recall; these perks can also enhance your ability to:

  • Study, learn and acquire new skills.
  • Perform on the spot and handle tests
  • Think quickly and process information (faster mental processing speed)
  • Be creative and think abstractly
  • Relax and remain positive and clear-headed (mood and mind-set)
  • Retain information and recall it at a later date
  • Communicate and speak fluidly
  • Strategically think and problem solve
  • Focus, concentrate and pay attention
  • Stay on track, and remain motivated and mentally driven

NOTE: Mind Lab Pro takes on average 5 days to kick in and begin rewarding your body with positive results.

However, to stop your body from building up a tolerance/immunity to its ingredients; it is recommended that you follow a cycle of 4 weeks on and 1 week off.


By now you’ve got a fair idea of how Mind Lab Pro can improve your health and mental performance. But what else has this brain booster got to offer?

Here are some of its other benefits:

  • It is formulated from 11 extensively researched natural Nootropics that have proven themselves – during various studies – to produce the EXACT claims that they state they can do
  • They only use premium quality ingredients sourced from leading global suppliers
  • It is patented, third-party tested and validated – capsules are re-tested to confirm potency, ingredient purity and activity.
  • All ingredients are included at optimal levels (clinical range dosages) to maximize your results
  • Contains no proprietary blends
  • It is 100% safe, clean, legal and effective
  • It is the cleanest Nootropic around as it is completely free from additives, allergens, caffeine, GMOs, microbes, pesticides and herbicides, as well as any synthetic/unnecessary ingredients.
  • Eco-friendly shipping and packaging.
  • Results are noticeable after just 5 days.


No product is 100% perfect when you step outside of the box, and Mind Lab Pro is no different.

Sure it is an incredibly effective Nootropic; however, it is also quite expensive. Just 1 bottle costs $65 – that is the equivalent of 1 month’s supply.

Now, personally we don’t see this pricing as a bad thing, as you probably already spend more than $2 a day on coffee. Nevertheless, we appreciate that for some of you this may be too pricey.

Where To Buy Mind Lab Pro?

Official Mind Lab Pro WebsiteYou have got a choice here…

You see, whilst Mind Lab Pro is available to buy on Opti-Nutra’s official website (NOTE: they produce Mind Lab Pro), you can also purchase it from other supplement websites. AND these other websites tend to be a lot cheaper than the official one.

However, despite them being less expensive, we strongly suggest that you stick to their official website, as this is the only way to ensure that you don’t receive a cheap knock-out that is falsely claiming to be Mind Lab Pro.

With the official website, you can experience the certainty that you are receiving the real deal – a pill that is formulated from the highest grade ingredients.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that Mind Lab Pro covers all the bases.

Not only does it surpass other Nootropics by supporting 6 of your brain pathways – instead of the typical 2-3 – it is formulated from 11 scientifically proven brain boosters whom have got the studies to back up their claims.

Together, these unique ingredients can effectively optimize your brain and help you to reach a state of peak overall mental performance.

In fact, it can be used by absolutely everyone!

Student, professional, athlete, competitor or over 50… Mind Lab Pro can easily support your daily needs, circumstances and lifestyle choices, as well as deal with your varying mental demands with ease.

So whether you are looking to improve your memory, mood and concentration, or you simply want to enhance your information retention/recall, why not consider Mind Lab Pro today?

In one compact pill you can: maintain your brain chemistry and energy levels (mental agility); elevate cell regeneration, repair and maintenance; restore healthy blood flows/circulation; protect your cells from toxic free radical damage, and ultimately support your alpha brainwaves.

What more can you ask for?