Try the Nouns Ending in F, FE, FF Quiz

There are several different rules for singular nouns ending in the letters f, fe or ff when changing them to the plural form.

Most nouns ending in the letters f, fe or ff form the plural by adding the letter s.

surf image


surf imagesurf image


giraffe image


giraffe imagegiraffe image


cliff image


cliff imagecliff image



Some nouns that end in f, fe or ff form the plural by changing the final f form to ves.

wolf howling animation

one wolf

wolf howling animationwolf howling animation

two wolves


Some other words that change the ending to ves in the plural form include:

  • calf – calves
  • elf – elves
  • half – halves
  • knife – knives
  • life – lives
  • loaf – loaves
  • self – selves (ourselves, yourselves, themselves)
  • shelf – shelves
  • thief – thieves
  • wife – wives

Some others have two forms of the plural:

  • dwarf – dwarfs or dwarves
  • hoof – hoofs or hooves
  • scarf – scarfs or scarves
  • staff – staffs or staves
  • wharf – wharfs or wharves


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