abdicated gave up one’s responsibilities, steps down from one’s position.
Abolish get rid of
absolved forgiven. To free from a duty
accommodation something that meets someone’s needs
acquiesce to give in to someone or something, to go along with something, to accept.
Affected those acted upon or influenced.
Allegiance loyalty, faithfulness
alliances groupings, combinations, associations.
Alter to change.
Annihilation destruction, getting rid of totally, extinction
appropriations when a law making body gives money to a state, a group, an agency or when someone takes something for oneself.
Arbitrary something done completely by individual choice than by reason or by law.
Assent to agree to a proposal, to go along with something.
Barbarous being violently destructive and cruel.
Boundary, boundaries borders, lines separating two areas
brethren a religious term for brothers.
Candid honest, frank
charters documents that guarantee certain rights and privileges for a group.
Colonies areas or territories governed or ruled by someone or something outside of the colony or colonies.
Compliance the act of going along or obeying the wishes, demands, laws, or regulations of someone or some ruling group.
Conjured to bring something about or something up as if by magic.
Commerce trade between groups, states or nations.
Consanguinity related by blood or common ancestors, closely related or linked.
Consent to give approval to something, to say yes to something.
Constitution the laws or rules for governing a group, an organization, a state or a country.
Constrains holds back someone from doing something.
Contract a promise enforceable by law.
Convulsions violent acts of turmoil, agitation, shaking things up.
Denounces disapproves of, speaks out against
depository a place to put something away for safekeeping.
Deprive, depriving to keep something from someone, to rob or steal from someone
derive, deriving to get or obtain something, often by reason.
Desolation loneliness, loss, emptiness
dissolutions meltings, undoings, endings of something
despotism absolute power by one ruler
disavowed refused to recognized, denied,
disposed is apt to, is likely to
divine Providence related to God
domestic having to do with one’s home or one’s homeland or country.
Effect to make something happen
emigration leaving one’s country to settle in a new country or land
endeavored tried or attempted to do something
endowed a great given to someone
entangle, entangling to twist together, to create a mess or confusion
erected to put up something
evinces to show or demonstrate something clearly
executioners persons who put others to death for real or alleged crimes.
Formidable very strong, demanding, forbidding
frontiers areas that have not been explored, the borders of such areas
fundamentally basically, essentially
harass to annoy, bother, pester
impel to move, propel
inestimable invaluable, to great to be counted or estimated
inhabitants someone who lives in a place, a resident
institute to put in place
insurrection the act of revolting against authority
invariably almost certainly
judiciary a system of courts of law.
Kindred a group of people sharing the same ancestors, people who feel or think the same or have similar views.
Legislature a law making body of people
mercenaries professional soldiers hired by a foreign country
merciless cruel, showing no mercy
migrations leaving one’s native land to settle in another land
jurisdiction under authority or control
magnanimity the act of being generous
naturalization the process of granting full citizenship to someone
obstructing getting in the way of, preventing something from happening
oppressions cruel exercises of power
paralleled To run or be across from one another without crossing, to be side by side without touching.
Perfidy unfaithfulness, not being trustworthy
petition to ask for , to appeal to
plundered to take wrongfully, to steal or rob
province an area of land or an area or topic of interest
prudence careful management
quartering housing for officers
ravaged destroyed, damaged heavily
rectitude the quality of being correct or right
redress to make up for an injury or damage done
relinquish to give up something
render to give or make available, to provide
representatives people who speak for a group, usually voted on to speak for the group.
Sufferance putting up with pain, suffering
tenure holding something in one’s possession
transient passing in time, temporary
tyranny use of absolute power over people
unacknowledged not accepted or recognized
unalienable not to be given or taken away
unanimous everyone agrees on a matter
undistinguished marked by no special quality
usurpations an unlawful seizing of authority or power
unwarrantable having no justification or reason for happening
wholesome having sound health or well being



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