Top 3 Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements on the Market In 2019

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Your mind is a precious thing, and no one can blame you for wanting to keep it in tip top shape. Not when old age often spells the risk of forgetfulness, fatigue or even dementia.

Luckily, supporting your cognitive processes is no longer an unanswered prayer.

Nootropic supplements for example are just one of many steps you can take in order to support and maintain your brain.

Simply introduce a proven, scientifically tested Nootropic supplement into your diet, and you can harness its breadth of natural ingredients to help restore order to the chaos.

Do Not Buy Any Nootropics Unless You See This List Of The BEST Supplements For Maximum Brain Power…

Top 3 Nootropic SupplementsWe appreciate that when it comes to choosing a product, you want more than pretty words and false claims. You want proof…evidence… facts that it CAN work and that it CAN make a difference.

It is your mind after all, and it deserves the best form of support.

That is why we have scoped out the top 3 Nootropic supplements on the market, so you can get a taste of what to expect from products in this field.

Not only have we analysed all the pros, cons and inner workings of these supplements. We have delved deep into the science of Nootropics, so you can make an informed decision based on real and credible facts.

Come take a look and see how these supplements can revitalize your mind…

#1 – Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Bottle and BoxMind Lab Pro comes in first place, not just because it was voted the ‘Best Nootropic Supplement on the market in 2019’. It is also one of only a handful of products that is suitable for everyone!

Man, woman, young or old; no matter your situation or needs,you can harness Mind Lab Proand benefit from its ability to boost your brainpower by 100%, as well as improve your whole-life mental performance.

The Science: the fact remains that our brains are complex objects. The way they work isn’t simple or straight-forward, but is very complicated.

Mind Lab Pro embraces this complexity by offering your brain 11 proven Nootropics that work in synergy to support 6 different bio-pathways in your brain. In doing so, they are able to optimize your cognitive functions and health.

And this is incredibly unique! As compared to a lot of Nootropics – whom only support 2-3 pathways (dedicated to memory or focus) at any given time – Mind Lab Pro goes the extra mile by supporting 6!

It is essentially a universal Nootropic formula that is capable of assisting all types of people dealing with various different situations. For instance, Mind Lab Pro is ideal for the following groups of people:

  • Students – whose goal is to study, learn, absorb, store and recall information
  • Athletes – who need performance boosts both inside and outside of the weight room so that they have got the motivation, the willpower and drive to succeed
  • Competitors – who require strategic thinking, a clear mind and good recall in order to perform
  • Professionals – who need to perform, focus, remain productive, and creatively solve problems on a day-to-day basis
  • 55 years+ – who are looking to support their memory, mental clarity, communication and mood.

Mind Lab Pro truly covers all of the bases, and then some!

This is due to it harnessing 11 well-researched brain boosters that each work hard – thanks to their optimal dosages – to nourish, support and safely protect your brain.

Amongst its ingredient list are:

  • Citicoline (Cognizin) – this nutrient optimizes brain pathways by boosting neural regeneration and energy. In doing so, this helps you to remain attentive, focused and able to recall/ form memories.
  • Phosphatidylserine (Sharp-PS Green) – best known for its long-term memory capabilities; PS encourages the development of fluid and flexible brain cell membranes.
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Full-Spectrum Extract) – has been found to stimulate synthesis of nerve growth factor, which results in greater brain plasticity, regeneration, memory and brain health. It can also help to balance your mood.
  • Bacopa Monnieri – comprised of 24% bacosides and 9 bioactives, these active bacosides can help support new knowledge retention whilst triggering brain chemical synthesis and increased blood flows to your brain.
  • Suntheanine L-Theanine – is believed to boost alpha brainwaves which not only decrease caffeine jitters but can encourage a state of ‘wakeful relaxation’.
  • Rhodiola rosea – an adaptogen herb, it can help improve your mind-body performance (especially during stressful, high-pressure situations).
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine –supports stress-depleted neurotransmitters which are essential for multi-tasking, as it allows you to achieve a state of peak mental performance.
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract – can help to maximize blood flows – particularly to your brain – whilst supporting antioxidant activities.
  • Vitamin B6, B9 and B12 (combined to form BioGenesis) – this combination of vitamins encourages optimal synthesis, conversion and use of multiple brain chemicals, whilst at the same time helps to support cerebrovascular functions, the balancing mood chemicals, and brain energy metabolism. B12 can also assist with the formation of myelin sheaths which are designed to protect your nerves.

As you can see Mind Lab Pro easily fulfils its claims of being a whole-brain optimizer, as it can help you to reach a state of peak overall mental performance that is capable of adapting to your varying mental demands.

So if we were to summarise this pill, we would say that Mind Lab Pro is able to support brain chemistry (memory, speed, mood and motivation); brain energy (prevents fatigue and boosts mental agility); brain regeneration (repair, maintenance and nourishment of brain cells); brain circulation; brain protection and brain waves.

#2 – Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind BottleThis highly potent Nootropic supplement comes in second as it is based on thousands of hours of research and development. More importantly, they have founded their complex formulationon the idea of supporting your entire body – not just your brain.

By doing so, they are able to assist your cognitive processes whilst at the same time helping your entire body to feel good.

Admittedly, it is pricier than the others and is better suited for those with a bigger budget (hence it being in second place). However, it is still a very effective supplement.

The Science: this supplement contains a fascinating combination of 6 Nootropic compounds, 7 Neuro-vitamins, 2 antioxidants, 6 adaptogen extracts, 5 amino acids and 2 choline donors, which have been proven to improve your mental performance within 5 days.

Overall though, its potent ingredients have been found to:

  • Make you more focused and driven
  • Decrease procrastination
  • Lift brain fog
  • Elevate willpower and motivation
  • Boost brain energy levels
  • Encourage mental relaxation and calmness
  • Strengthen creativity, concentration and mental clarity
  • Nourish your brain
  • Support long term brain health – by aiding neuron and synapse development, and promoting neuroplasticity and neurogenesis
  • Boost your metabolic rate.

Admittedly, they don’t give you a precise list of all of their ingredients. However, given the breadth and diversity of their studies, all signs seem to point towards this supplement being able to improve your memory, focus and concentration.

They even encourage you to do tests whilst taking this pill – at the beginning, middle and end of your cycle – so that you can see proof of its ability to optimize your cognitive processes.

3 – Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind Botle and Box

Performance Lab Mind comes in third thanks to its ability to revitalize your mind.

They advise stacking it with other Performance Lab Supplements –such as Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi – as this combination of multivitamins will ensure you benefit from increased production of ATP, brain cell membranes, neurotransmitters and hormones (serotonin).

Yet this is not all it is capable of…

It also contains the following ingredients which have been proven to rejuvenate your brain from top to bottom:

  • Phosphatidylserine (PS) – a phospholipid component, PS helps with the formation of membranes that are responsible for encasing all of your cells. It also works to keep you in optimal cognitive health (by protecting your brain cells from oxidative damage, as well as encourages: nerve growth factor (NCF); neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and neuron repair; decreased age related cognitive decline; improved free flow of neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine); enhanced memory consolidation, recall and learning, and an improved ability to solve problems, concentrate and make decisions.
  • Citicoline – synthesises acetylcholine (Ach), a neurotransmitter that is involved in sending signals between neurons as well as improving cognition, learning, reaction time, memory and recall.It also helps to repair and rebuild neuron membranes; acts as a fuel source for mitochondria (to fuel your brain); normalizes blood flows, and improves mental energy and cognitive performance.
  • Pine Bark extract – rich in antioxidants, this extract can help protect your neurons and other cells from oxidative damage. In addition, it can boost cerebral circulation and brain energy; restore brain cell membranes; boost memory, mood and focus, and prevent decreases in dopamine and norepinephrine.
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – used to increase dopamine production and neurotransmitters; this chemical can help to improve your cognition, creativity, libido, alertness, sleep patterns, memory, focus, concentration and mood.It is also involved in the production of thyroid hormones, and can reduce the impact of stimulants (caffeine) i.e. jitters.

To put it simply, these ingredients can help you to benefit from: elevated energy levels; improved alertness, mood, recall, memory and concentration; reduced fatigue/brain fog (by supporting mitochondria); neurogenesis (increases density of neurons and synapses); neuroplasticity (enhances learning, memory and brain function); bolstered reaction times; elevated logical thinking; decreased anxiety, and reduced symptoms of ADHD and ADD (by supporting the actions of Ritalin, Aderall and other medications for ADHD).

Nootropics FAQ

When it comes to your mind, the last thing you want to do is expose it to a supplement that does more harm and good.

Sure, Nootropics aren’t the biggest baddies in the world. Hell, the natural, high quality ones will do EXACTLY what they claim to do. However, unless you know exactly how it works and what you are looking for terms of results/benefits; then your journey to choosing one will be a long one.

Luckily, you don’t have to search far from the answers…

Below we have answered the most commonly asked questions, so YOU can safely delve into the world of Nootropics and discover the truth.

What Exactly Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are essentially dietary supplements that have been designed to help you safely optimize cognition i.e. the efficiency of your brain, by influencing cognitive functions within your brain.For instance, they will fill in any gaps in your cognitive function to ensure your brain works and operates efficiently.

In doing so, you can benefit from improvements in productivity and creativity, as well as more sleep, decreased anxiety, and boosts in focus, memory and motivation (enabling you to learn better).

How Do Nootropics Work?

Remember how we said that Nootropics seek to manipulate brain functions in order to maximize your cognitive performance? Well, a lot of this is achieved by influencing your hormones.

For instance, some Nootropics work by manipulating dopamine, which helps you to feel more motivated, whilst others seek to buffer you from the effects of stress enhancing chemicals such as cortisol. By reducing production of this hormone, you will be less affected during stressful situations.

Now it is important to note here that no Nootropic is the same. So the results you experience – in terms of brain function – will varydepending on what type of ingredients are used, as well as their quantity and quality.

For instance, most Nootropics are designed to support 2-3 of your brain pathways – typically your memory or focus. However, there are some – such as Mind Lab Pro – that are capable of tackling all 6 of the following pathways:

  • Brain chemistry – memory, speed, mood and motivation.
  • Brain energy – including the prevention of fatigue. By rejuvenating brain energy you will have the mental agility to think, focus and respond efficiently.
  • Brain regeneration – involves repairing, maintaining and nourishing your brain cells to ensure healthier growth and plasticity.
  • Brain circulation – by keeping your brain oxygenated and free of toxins, this can help improve neuronutrient delivery.
  • Brain protection –here, Nootropics aim to eliminate toxins and fight unhealthy structural changes (which can harm your brain in the long run).
  • Brain waves – alpha frequencies help you to remain calm, alert and capable of being productive, creative and equipped to learn.

See what we mean? How they work will vary depending on what brain pathways manufacturers have decided to focus on.

For that reason, we recommend that you always check out their specialisms and see how their ingredients are used to support it.

What Results Can You Expect?

The most notable thing about Nootropics is their ability to enhance your natural cognitive processes. Man or woman, you can take these natural brain boosters and benefit from improved memory, focus, motivation and mood, as well as decreased stress.

Now, some users have reported being able to lose weight faster due to being more focused and driven. However, it is important to note here that Nootropics WON’T help you to lose weight. All they will really do is put you in a better place – mentally – to tackle a diet and exercise regime.

Similarly, they won’t cure or fix depression, nor will they cause anxiety – despite their ability to influence your mind. Instead, they can put you in a better position to help with deal depression, and work towards minimizing its impact.

Another benefit regularly commented upon by users is its ability to improvephysical performance and reduce performance anxiety. In addition, it has been found toimprove cognition in those living with dementia, as well as give you a sustained sense of wholeness.

To summarise Nootropics – those which tackle more than 2-3 pathways can help improve your test performance, mental processing, mood, and memory/recall, as well as can help you to: more efficiently study and learn; relax; be creative; communicate; strategically think; concentrate/focus, and remain mentally motivated and driven.

Are Nootropics Legal and Safe To Use?

We would like to say that all Nootropics are 100% safe and free of negative side effects, but that simply wouldn’t be true.

Some synthetic, low quality Nootropics have been found to trigger numerous side effects, including: jitters, headaches and energy crashes. Whilst, high dosages have been linked to heartburn and diarrhoea.

For this reason, stick to naturally formulated Nootropics, and make sure that youalways read their ingredient list. Do that, and you can experience all the perks of Nootropics with none of the nasty side effects.

Similarly, whilst Nootropics are considered legal – especially the natural ones – we suggest thatyou checkout the rules for your country, as laws can vary from place to place, and as such this knowledge may affect your purchase choices.

Example: in Australia and certain European countries, synthetic/stimulant Nootropics have been regulated, and can only be accessed via prescription. Whilst in the US, Nootropics are classified as legal dietary supplements, and as a result are regulated in the same ways that foods are i.e. they are deemed safe until proven to be bad/unsafe.

TIP: stick to clean, natural Nootropics that don’t contain excess ingredients, additives or stimulants, and avoid synthetic versions (which are in danger of triggering misuse).

TIP 2: always use as directed and never take more than advised. Should you suffer from other health issues or have a history of mental illness/substance abuse, then speak to your doctor first before using Nootropics.

TIP 3: only use clean, natural Nootropics that use high quality ingredients – in standardized/approved dosages.

Which Nootropic Supplement Should You Buy?

Of the three, we suggest Mind Lab Pro. Why? Well, for starters it is the number one Nootropic supplement of 2019. And two, it is suitable for everyone!

No matter your age, gender or needs, you can harness this supplement and benefit from improved memory, drive, focus, recall, energy and concentration.

Then there is their pricing…

True, it is on the higher end of the price scale, but is this field, the more it costs, the better quality it is. And this definition is definitely true of Mind Lab Pro, as all research points towards it being a highly effective supplement.

Then there is the fact that they sell Mind Lab Pro in bulk, so you can easily invest in the pill without spending a fortune. Currently, they’ve got an offer of buy a three month supply and get a whole month’s supply for free. Perfect!

But that is not all. Mind Lab Pro also comes with the following perks:

  • It uses all-natural, stim-free ingredients- which they have stacked in vegan Plantcaps – and Biogenesis vitamins. This combination ensures increased potency, bioavailability and easier digestion (compared to other Nootropics).
  • It is backed by multiple scientific studies and reviews, making it easy for you to prove the legitimacy of this pill.
  • It doesn’t contain any substances banned by the WDA (World Doping Association), meaning professional athletes can use it safely and legally. Plus it contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, allergens, GMOs, gluten.

Add all of this together, and Mind Lab Pro is truly your best option for maximizing cognitive functions and processes. In one compact supplement it covers all of the bases and then some…