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1. To have or own a share in a company is to have a

 mortgage  bond  stock

2. A certificate of a loan to the government or a corporation that is repaid with interest or a sum at a future time is a

 mortgage  bond  stock

3. Instruments such as stocks, bonds, mortgages giving to their legal holders rights to money or other property are

 securities  stock exchanges  commodities

4. Profits of a firm that are distributed or given out to its investors are called

 mortgages  bonds  dividends

5. A type of stock in which the stockholder gets a certain percentage of dividends each year based on the profits of the company is

 stock exchange  common stock  preferred stock

6. A type of stock in which the stockholders get dividends based on the remainder of the profits after preferred stockholders have been paid their dividends is

 stock exchange  common stock  bond

7. An investment company that continually offers new shares and buys existing shares back at the request of the shareholder and uses its capital to invest in diversified securities of other companies is a

 stock exchange  mortgage company  mutual fund

8. To commit (money or capital) in order to gain a financial return – to put one’s money into a business or project to make more money is to

 borrow  invest  bankrupt

9. An investor always makes money or profit when he/she owns stocks.

 True  False


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