Select the radio button in front of the correct answers to the questions below.

1. The business dealing with money and credit is

 banking  health care  education

2. The amount of money a bank charges for the privilege of allowing a person to borrow money or the amount of money the bank pays a person for depositing his money for the bank to invest is called

 loan  mortgage  interest

3. The money that a person borrows from a bank or other financial institutions is called a

 interest  commercial  loan

4. The money that a person places in a bank account for the bank to use to invest and that also earns interest is called a

 loan  deposit  mortgage

5. A loan to pay for a home, business or other real estate over a period of time is a

 deposit  bankruptcy  mortgage

6. When a person publicly announces they cannot repay their loans it is called

 deposit  bankruptcy  mortgage

7. Groups of people such as workers who pool their money together for savings and to make loans is called a

 labor union  credit union  state of the union


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