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This and That - Este y Ese

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The word this and that can be used as either adjectives or pronouns, depending on the sentence.

This as an adjective:

Este cuarto es largo. - This rm is long.

This as a pronoun:

Veo éste. - I see this.

(Éste, Ésta, Éstos, Éstas)

There is also an it form of ese which is unsual in Spanish. It refers to something that is unknown. It is esto. It has no accent marks in any of its forms.

Esto no es un gato.


That as an adjective:

Esa camisa es azul. - That shirt is blue.

That as a pronoun:

Ése es un perro. - That is a dog.

(Ése, Ésa, Ésos, Ésas)

The it form of that is eso.

Eso no es un perro.

Notice the accent mark on este and ese when they are used as pronouns.


There is also a third form of this and that. It could roughly be translated as "that over there" connoting distance. The Spanish word used is "aquel", The same rules apply here as far as accents and agreement with gender and number.

That (over there) as an adjective:

Aquel rio es largo. - That river is long.

That (over there) as a pronoun:

Aquél es el mio. - That is mine.

(Aquél, Aquéllos, Aquélla, Aquéllas)

The it form of that in this case is aquello.

Aquello no es una montaña. .