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This site is designed to help you review common Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Here is how it works.

Each section is set up with a table. In each table is a column with the word or phrase in English, an illustration for many of the words - just like a dictionary, and a column with the word in Spanish. Sometimes there is more than one word in Spanish as some of the words have masculine and feminine forms. Sometimes there is more than one word for the same English word so both words may be there in the Spanish. In addition, there are also several ways to spell the same word in Spanish and also different words for the same thing used in Spain and in Latin America. There is also a section on grammar that helps with such things as regular and irregular verb formations and other tricky parts of grammar.

After you study the words, there will be a quiz you can try to test your memory of the words. The test is designed as a review and will tell you if you are correct or not, but will not give you a grade.

To find different lessons, go to the index. To look up a word in the dictionary, go to that link and it will take you to a dictionary website. To search this site, choose search.

This site will be added to continually, so keep coming back for more review.

Good luck!

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