Magnetism Quiz

Click on the radio buttons in front of the correct answer to the questions.

1. This is a force where objects are attracted or repelled to one another

light sound magnetism

2. Magnets have a north seeking pole and a south seeking pole.

True False

3. Two of the same kinds of poles repel each other.

True False

4. Two opposite poles attract each other.

True False

5. The area around a magnet that behaves like a magnet is a magnetic

color field sound

6. The further apart two magnets are from one another the stronger the forces that attract or repel the magnets.

True False

7. When magnets are broken into small bits, the bits themselves can become small magnets.

True False

8. Naturally occurring magnets in nature are called

plastics stones lodestones

9. Which of these is not used to create a simple electromagnet?

battery bulb copper wire


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