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Hoofed Mammals - Ungulates


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Hoofed mammals are divided into two subgroups: the odd-toed and even-toed animals. The even-toed group includes two groups of its own: cud chewers and noncud chewers.

The even-toed cud chewers include the cow, sheep, goat, camel, giraffe and deer. They have four parts to their stomachs. After swallowing large amounts of food, it passes to the first stomach. Later it is brought back up to be rechewed. It is then passed to the second stomach where it begins to be thoroughly digested.

The even-toed noncud chewers are the pig and the hippopotamus.

Hoofed mammals can have horns. The cow, ox and bison have hollow horns that they never shed. The deer, elk, caribou and moose have solid, large horns that they shed.

Hoofed Mammal Videos


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