Euglena animation

The euglena is unique because it is sort of like a plant and also like an animal. It is pear shaped. It has a whippy tail called a flagellum that allows it to move through the water.

The euglena is different than other protozoans because it has chlorophyll in it, the substance that plants contain to make their own food. The euglena is then able to make its own food like a plant when it is in the sunlight. When it is in darkness, however, it can get food like an animal. It takes in tiny plants and animals much like the ameba and paramecium.

The euglena has a bright red eyespot which is sensitive to light and helps the euglena find light.

The euglena reproduces by fission, splitting lengthwise in two. The flagellum goes with one part and the other part grows a new flagellum.

When it is too hot or cold for a euglena, it forms a protective casing called a cyst around its body that protects it until conditions outside the cyst become better.


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